About Us

Hi, I’m Kirsty and I’m the founder of Nel-Luxe. My Cavapoo, Nelson, was my inspiration behind starting up the business! Below you will find some Q&As that will help you learn more about me, Nelson, and our small business. We’re so grateful to have been able to set up Nel-Luxe and we’re super excited and passionate about our products. We hope you love them as much as we do. We appreciate each and every one of you! 



What made you decide to start Nel-Luxe?

I’ve always been quite a creative person. Growing up I was always designing and making my own clothes, but since leaving school and going into the world of work, I’ve not done much in the creative sense! Working full time, going to the gym, taking Nelson on new adventures – life just kind of got in the way and I used the common excuse of “I just don’t have the time!”.


However, once we got Nelson, I found myself buying him loads of accessories, (his wardobe is more extensive than mine!) every time thinking, I should do this, I should make these accessories. So, I found my creative license and love of design again through Nelson and I have been making him bandanas and bow ties since he was a puppy. I find it really therapeutic and it’s my sense of down-time (other than snuggling with Nelson).


I absolutely love seeing my creations come to life and I just adore seeing Nelson in products that I’ve designed / made. I started posting photos on his Instagram of him wearing products I’d made and I started getting messages asking if I sold them! I’ve always wanted to set up my own business to run along side my full time work (I like to be busy!) so after a lot of thinking about the reasons why I shouldn’t do it and why it may not work, I finally came to the realisation that the only way it definitely won’t work is if I don’t do it! So, I’ve taken the plunge and here we are!


Where did the name Nel-Luxe come from?

I wanted to create a luxurious brand which incorporated the main man, Nelson as he’s key to it all. Without Nelson coming into my life, I may not have found my creative self again so I’ll be forever thankful to Nelson for helping me to find this again!


I spent a long time trying to figure out a brand name that would stand out, that was a little bit different but made it clear what our objectives are. That’s how I ended up with Nel-Luxe. It’s a combination of Nelson & Deluxe which provides the perfect combination to showcase our brand, Nel-Luxe!


How does Nelson fit into the business?

He’s our main model; call me totally biased, but the dog is a natural model! I look through photos I’ve taken of him, wishing I could look as good as he does in every photo but I’ll settle for being the photographer and being behind the camera and leave him to master being in front of it!


Nelson is the first dog I’ve owned and to be honest, I didn’t really understand the connection between humans and their dogs until I got him. I always liked dogs, but never fully got it. A dog is a dog, right? Now, I’m know as the crazy dog lady as Nelson is always my number one priority and I totally get it. A dog is not just a dog, they’re family and Nelson is the main inspiration behind this business!


Looking through Nelson’s rather extensive wardrobe, I found that he always had similar coloured harnesses and accessories because they were the dedicated boy ones. Whilst I adore all of his harnesses and accessories, I figured it was time for a change and to try add some different colours to his collection and that’s how the unisex approach was influenced.


What do you and Nelson like to do for fun?

We love going on new adventures as a family. I’ve actually just created a new list of places to visit so hopefully we can visit somewhere new every weekend (his Dad will be overjoyed at how much driving he’ll be doing!). We also love just having a chill out, snuggling up and watching a movie or a good series!