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Do you have a new pup?

Want to buy your new pup a nice harness but worried it will outgrow it and you'll have to buy another in a few months?

You need our Puppy Plan

Our Puppy Plan covers you for your puppy's growth spurt! Add this option to your basket alongside your new harness and it will mean that you will be able to return your harness to us within 9 months of your purchase date in exchange for a new, bigger sized harness!

How it works:

  • Purchase your harness and purchase this Puppy Plan 
  • When your pup has outgrown their harness, simply email Nel-Luxe@hotmail.com with your name and address and detail the next sized harness you require
  • Return your used harness to Nel-Luxe (we will email you the return address) 
  • Nel-Luxe will then donate your used harness to local charities to help shelter pups who aren't as lucky as your pup! 
  • Nel-Luxe will then send you a bigger sized harness to replace your old one! 

Important Info:

  • Harness MUST be in a re-usable condition i.e. no major stains and no tears. Any harness returned that is not in a re-usable condition will not be eligible for an exchange as we will not be able to donate your harness to charity. 
  • You will cover the cost of sending your used harness to us (we recommend tracked for your own protection as we will not be held responsible for any items lost in the post) 
  • If you are a UK resident, we will then cover the cost of postage of your new harness to you! If you live outside of the UK, you will be required to cover the cost of the new postage.


What if I don't use my Plan within 9 months? 

If you don't need to use your plan, then simply send us an email (Nel-Luxe@hotmail.com) and we will provide you with £9.99 credit to spend on our store instead!

What if I return my harness to you but you deem it as not in re-usable condition?

If you return a harness that we are unable to donate to Charity due to the condition, then we will donate your £9.99 to charity in replacement of the harness so the Charity does not lose out. You will not then be eligible for an exchange. 

Who is responsible for postage?

You will be responsible for covering the postage costs to return the harness to us. We recommend that you post to us using a tracked service as we will not be held responsible for any items that are lost in the post. 

We will then cover the cost of the postage of the new harness to you for UK residents only. If you live outside of the UK, you will also be required to cover the cost of the new postage. 

Will I be able to choose my new harness?

We will always issue you the same harness design just in a bigger size, where we have this available. If we do not have the larger size available in the original design you ordered, you will then be able to select a new harness that we do have in stock, in your size that is the same price as your original harness. 

Will you also replace any accessories I bought? 

No, we will not replace leads, poop bag holders or any hand made items. This plan is in relation to Harnesses only.

I've bought more than one harness, will this cover each harness?

You will need to add a plan for each harness you purchase. So if you purchase two harnesses from us, you will need to purchase two separate puppy plans to ensure that both harnesses are covered. If you only purchase 1 puppy plan, you will only be covered for one harness.